Bye bye Ophelia, it’s business as usual!   Apologies in advance if this inconveniences anyone but it will be worth it.  Easter opening times! Happy Easter everyone
 Due to weather warnings and people’s safety we are closing for the rest of the day. Back to normal tomorrow. If you’re out traveling get home safely.  July holiday hours! Week starting Monday 10th July   This girl! @gemmajoannemckee had never heard of Michael Jordan before!!!!! I was like WHAT! ME-How old are you? GEM-Nearly 20" ME- That's just wrong! Do you know who Beckham is? GEM- yes! ME- Jordan's bigger than him! @jumpman23 Where do we find our staff?!!!!!  #ballynahinch
 Bank Holiday Monday 28th August is business ass usual. 6am - 9pm  Monday the 29th of May is Spring bank holiday! The gym will be open from 10am - 4pm #spring #springiscoming #springbankholiday
 Classmates reunited! @leahmccourtmma @barneyirwin #mygym #methody #friends  remember folks this Monday is the 1st of May. The gym is open between the hours of 10am - 4pm 🤙