Happy Easter Everybody!  Opening hours for the end of 2017!  Bank Holiday Monday 28th August is business ass usual. 6am - 9pm
 Due to snow fall today we will be closing the gym at 1pm. If you’re driving today be careful as the roads are already bad.  Ain’t snow stopping us now.......... Gym open as usual! Donuts in the car park? Yes please ❄️☃️‍♀️  Classmates reunited! @leahmccourtmma @barneyirwin #mygym #methody #friends
 We will be closed until further notice due to the local weather conditions. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.  Bye bye Ophelia, it’s business as usual!
 Due to weather conditions We will be closing today at 6pm today and back open at 9am tomorrow morning. We are aware of a couple car accidents locally so take care and drive safely.  Due to weather warnings and people’s safety we are closing for the rest of the day. Back to normal tomorrow. If you’re out traveling get home safely.